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Web Sites

I am passionate about creating visually interesting and sensible communications whether on the web or in print. It is important that the graphical style, corporate identity, and the purpose work together in harmony. Coding CSS is one of my key strengths on the web. Few things are more pleasing to me than to solve a design problem. Not many folks can relate when I start slipping into "geek-mode" and start talking about merging PNGs with repeating background patterns to create seamless dynamic framing elements but that's good fun for me!


USAID.gov - Unpublished design


meredith.edu - Unpublished design


Brandgraphiti.com - Energetic graphics for an energetic new company!


NCBAM.com - Phase I site designed to raise awareness of new aging services ministry.


bankofthecarolinas.com - Website, Intranet, banner ads, special promotions and contests.


lrbrealestate.com - Real estate website with connection to Triad MLS property data.


thharch.com - Strong emphasis on Flash intro for a brand-concious client.


ptanc.com - Website and intranet


kenanarts.org - Website with member projects area used to keep up with status of grants.


smittysnotes.com - Developed a 'skin' for existing site. Also designed a newsletter template.


chadschai.com - Proposed design for next generation of Chad's Chai website currently in development. Developed complete identity, including packaging and promotional materials.


simplyummy.com - Redesign of Cafe website- Main goal was to communicate that Simplyummy is more than a coffee shop.

Hanes Marketing Tools CD

Hanes Marketing Tools CD - Interactive CD delivering high resolution product images and marketing info to support sales and distributors.

Hanes Women's Underwear CD

Hanes Women's Underwear CD - Interactive CD delivering high resolution product images and marketing info to support sales and distributors.

I am passionate about inspired communications. It is a good day when style and message blend together into a satisfying mocha swirl.

I Love Design

Few things are more satisfying to me than solving a design problem. I do it at home and I do it at work. I enjoy the process and the opportunity to focus on something new. Imagining possibilities for one thing can often unlock ideas for another.

Call me old-fashioned but I still enjoy starting with pencil and paper. I enjoy the freedom and flexibility that comes from sketching. Once moving to the rigid world of the computer design is less pliable.

Inspiration is all around and can come from unexpected places such as browsing in a junkyard, playing unfamiliar music, or tinkering with toys. Whatever the source, at the end of the day a new design idea may be born!

Even though I am primarily a web designer nowadays, my experience in print has prepared me with many foundation skills that I still rely upon: layout design, photo manipulation, color theory, typography, and illustration.

I am currently employed but am always willing to connect, talk, and dream. If you'd like to speak with me about your project or any opportunity just send me an email or call. Maybe we can grab a cup of Chad's Chai.

Just for fun. Here's my Instagram Feed. A personal creative space.